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With proper care, your floors can be enjoyed for a lifetime. To keep Qu-Cork Flooing looking good for years, we recommend the following maintenance steps: 

The Natural Properties of Cork Floors 

  • Like other wood products cork contains natural pigments.  Therefore, fading will occur when exposed to harsh direct sunlight.   It is advisable to use drapes, etc. to protect your floors from harsh sunlight.   Harsh sunlight has the effect of yellowing the floor in the fading process.
  • Like other wood products cork flooring expands and contracts with changes in humidity and temperature.  A relative humidity range of 45% - 60% and room temperature setting of 65F-80F degrees should be maintained at all times

Improving the Life of your Wood Floors 

  • Remove dry dirt, loose debris, etc. to avoid scratches.
  • Lightly Dampen a Cloth or Mop with a Qu-Cork Cleaner to clean the wood floor in 8 x 8 sections.  Never spray any product directly on the wood floor.  NEVER POUR WATER DIRECTLY ON THE FLOOR IN THE CLEANING PROCESS, like all natural wood floors exposure to water should be minimized.
  • Clean each section with a back and forth motion.
  • When dirty, change out the mop cloth with a clean terry cloth.
  • Heel marks, stubborn spots, etc., can be removed by spraying Qu-Cork Spray Cleaner on a clean cloth and wipe vigorously over the spotted areas.

Maintenance Tips 

  • Immediately wipe up spills with Qu-Cork Spray Cleaner on a soft cloth.
  • To protect the floor against scratches, equip all furniture with furniture glides or felt pads.
  • Vacuum the floor regularly to remove dirt and grit.
  • Use doormats at the entrance to trap dirt and debris.  Area rugs are well suited in high traffic areas and where the floor might be exposed to moisture, i.e., in front of the dish washer, kitchen sink, and bathroom doors.
  • Use only Qu-Cork Spray Cleaner or other approved wood flooring cleaner on your floors.  Other household cleaners might cause build-up and/or damage your floor.
  • Launder mop cloths regularly.
  • Always use clean covers.
  • Minor scratches and wear are to be expected with cork floors.  Scratches may be touched up with more finish or the floor may be recoated to look its best.
  • When floors begin to look dull, recoat with an appropriate Finish.